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Anyone reading any good books lately?

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Well, I've just started reading Airborn, which is turning out to be a pretty nice book. It basically takes place in an alternate version of the 1900's where air vehicles are used almost entirely for transportation, and it's basically an airborne version of a Pirates of the Carribean film. Only with a fifteen-year-old cabin boy instead of a Johnny Depp-lookalike captain, as well as other younger people.

Oh, yes, and I'm rereading the new Sam & Max Surfing the Highway paperback I got in the mail a few days ago :D

So I'm wanting to know, what are some other books you guys are reading? Anything the rest of us should keep an eye on?

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  • @ig0rpwnwEd said: Nation by Terry Pratchet is fantastic.

    Anything by Terry Pratchett is fantastic :)

  • @Molokov said: Anything by Terry Pratchett is fantastic :)

    You have a point there :)

  • im reading spy chickens by me.

  • That only sounds half as insane than what I'm writing. Think Ni Hao, Kai-Lan (if you don't know what this is, click here) meets Wanted and The Matrix.

    No, I am not getting high while writing it...surprisingly.

  • Besides what I drabble in my notebooks, I am going to soon be continuing the Maximum Ride series by James Paterson with the fifth novel: Max. As soon as it reaches my house, anyways. My grandma ordered it for me. :D

  • My dad got the audiobook for that one. I haven't been that interested in the Maximum Ride books...but I may be persuaded to try the first one out. Y'know, once I finish my Star Wars book.

    I'm also reading a comic collection of Bloom County, of which my avatar comes from.

  • I didn't realize that Stephen King Goes to the Movies was just a re-collection of 5 of his short stories that were made into movies with new 1-2 page intros until after I bought it. It seems almost like a filler book whilst his ever-loyal fans wait for Under the Dome to release later this year. Over 1,000 pages of long-delayed glory...


    I think this book might be an attempt to pull in the fans of his movies who had never read any of his written works. It was certainly a good medium for that quest, but beyond that, it hardly deserves to exist. However, I figured that since I had already purchased the book, I may as well read it. They're the same great stores that appeared elsewhere first, and it's always worth a re-read of any of his stuff.

  • I just finished reading the five The Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy books. (I bought the "A trilogy in five parts" edition, which includes the five books in one.)
    My favourite was the third one, but I think the ending of the fifth was a bit sad. I'm looking forward to the Eoin Colfer's sequel. (I've read the first five Artemis Fowl's books by Eoin Colfer too.)

    Recently I ordered online Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, The long-dark tea time of the soul (Both by Douglas Adams.) and The Salmon of Doubt, but I haven't recieved them yet.

  • @Chaosprower said: Recently I ordered online Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, The long-dark tea time of the soul (Both by Douglas Adams.) and The Salmon of Doubt, but I haven't recieved them yet.

    Coincidentally, I am currently reading The Salmon of Doubt, and own Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency and The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul (but haven't yet read them). The Salmon of Doubt is definitely worth the purchase, and I'm actually saying this before the generally anticipated part (the beginnings of what was going to be either the 3rd Dirk Gently book or the 6th Hitchhiker's book). This guy has a sense of humor like no other.

  • Yes, the usual British sense of humor. :) Never gotten old yet.

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