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posted by ben yehhh on - last edited - Viewed by 100 users

when i play strong bad i play then i save then quit
the next day i click strong bad and all the DATA IS LOST
annoyying cuz i almost finished the game
now i have to start again
also on extended play i walked into the strong bad house and the camera was fixed and showed everyroom
also strong bad was invisible
some times his eyes dissapear :confused:

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  • Sounds unfortunate to lose your data, but awesome to play as invisible Strong Bad! Try and get some screenshots if it happens again!

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    ScottAlexander Telltale Staff

    Hey Ben,

    That's unfortunate you lost your data. (I'm 90% sure it got corrupted in some fashion if it's just "gone" all of the sudden). Unfortunately, the Strong Bad turning invisible bug is a known issue with an extremely low reproduction rate, as are the invisible eyes! In a sense, you got quite lucky :D

    Sadly there is no remedy for the invisible Strong Bad issue, you'll have to start the episode over, sorry!

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