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Thank You Telltale.

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I'm generally not a fan of people on forums thanking companies, or when people write on celebrities MySpace pages and think that what they say matters. But this announcement has stirred my heart to say something:
Thank you, Telltale. Games like Sam & Max, and Monkey Island were huge parts of my child hood - once LucasArts changed directions, those hopes and dreams I had of more adventure games died. Now you came along, like Santa, and gave me what I had hoped for for a long time: great adventure games with the characters I grew up with. When I say I grew up with these characters, it is no joke. I would play these games over and over for years, and I still do (even though I'm 24, and married to a women who thinks it's funny that even though we have this fun new Wii, I still play the old "kids" games on the computer).
While I commend LucasArts for making their Special Edition remake of MI1 (and am very excited about it), my heartfelt thanks goes out to Telltale. This is the part where I start a slow clap dedicated to you, and other people join in.
Anyone else with me?

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