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Hello Telltale guys, I think I have two nice suggestions for your site:

First off: could you add a general "games" page in which all games and their episodes you ever made are categorized/listed neatly in one big list? This could get you more potential customers: I had to look around to find Bone and I didn't even know there was a Telltale Texas Hold'em until about a month ago... If it's all in one big, easy accessible list with quick links to the demos that makes things a whole lot better.

I know, most of the games are listed below eachother in the store, but that would make people think a bit more quickly they actually have to BUY them. One general page makes episode-specific sites more easily accessible too.

Secondly: I regulary see banners and pictures on the site labeled "New!". For example, check the Strong Bad page and it's right next to the "Behind the Bad" link. However, I have usually already seen those "new" things and yet these icons stay. Might it not be a good idea to have the "new!" icons removed once the person has actually seen anything new (through cookies or something)?

It's something small, I know, but that's because most of the site is great already. :)

Keep up the great work!

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  • There is the Telltale landing page which is linked to on the front page of the site, and includes links to Sam & Max, SBCG4AP, Bone and Texas Hold'em.

  • Oh yeah, now I see it. Can't believe I missed that, thanks! :)

  • I can't believe I miss that either! That place is cool!

  • Getting our whole catalog better exposed on the front page and in the site-wide navigation has been a long-standing goal of ours and the landing page is just the first step.

    As for the "new" buttons, there really aren't that many of them, but even so... it would be hard to monitor them all dynamically as they are done in a few different ways (most notably some are in flash, and some are html), but we could probably be more diligent about cleaning them up!

  • Why not just add another tab to the menu bar at the top thats says "Our games"... and link it to that landing page?

    Problem easily solved...

    As for the order of the games on the "my games" page being messed up... A simple flash add on to the page allowing users to drag the boxes into the order they would like takes care of that problem; and maybe you can add a few "sort by" buttons to it as well.

    - Sort by release date
    - Sort by franchise
    - Sort alphabetically, etc.

  • Just clicking around the new site layout and I noticed that there are some small inconsistencies with the navigation stuff. They are about the "your cart", "your games" and "settings" buttons in the top right:
    [*]On some pages they animate and accordian-ise when you hover over them and on others (e.g. this one) they don't.
    [*]Also - and this one has the potential to be very subtely annoying for a user - this animation currently makes it impossible to move the mouse from the "settings" item, right-to-left, to the "your games" icon in one move because of the way the javascript animation moves things around.

    These are very small things, and you probably knew about them already and this post is probably the kind that is very annoying to receive. But it's probably little things like that that really polish up a website and make it a joy to use.

    yours pedantically,


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