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Playstation 3: will games ever be released?

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Dear guys of the TellTaleGames team,

I am a 26 yo guy and I grew up with those WONDERFUL, EXTRAORDINARY graphic adventures that some of you guys developed back at LucasArts. Yes, I'm talking about Monkey Island, FullThrottle, Grim Fandango ...
I thought the graphic adventure genre was dead and when, few days ago, I came accross this site I was very happy to note that you guys didn't give up. Thank you! Let's write it plain: graphic adventures are the only games that some of us can possibly play; I find anything else boring.
Now the question: I recently bought a PS3 (mainly due to the BluRay player support) and so far I have not found a single game that I like (a part from SingStar and Buzz Quiz TV). My great desire would be to find your game titles on the PlayStation Newtwork for Download. I am really looking forward to and I am sure there are many other 'mature' gamers like me who would be ready to pay and enjoy a nice graphic adventure.
My question is: are you ever going to release these games for the PS3?? If so when? I am really looking forward to download and play them (I only use Linux and only use my PC to work so no games in my Debian...!)
I am looking forward to reading from any developer.
Thank you


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  • @svevino said: so far I have not found a single game that I like

    I'll have your PS3! :)

    Seriously though, I don't see why telltale games wouldn't make a PS3 game, they made Sam and Max for Wii, so why not? They are probably just waiting for people to confirm that there would be an audience. But you never know, I mean, the telltale team posts here, so I'll just shut up and let them answer.

  • Unless Microsoft paid them a good amount of cash to release on the 360 and not the ps3. Wouldn't surprise me at all.

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    seanvanaman Telltale Staff

    dan and kevin have spoken quite a bit in interviews about wanting telltale games wherever we can get 'em. there's no console bias around here and we're as independent as ever. but right now there are no confirmed (announced) plans to release on ps3, but that doesn't mean we've chosen not to -- we're just busting our buns to get our games out on the platforms we're announced on.

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    seanvanaman Telltale Staff

    ps: welcome! and thanks for posting! you should be able to get a taste of some of our adventure game goodness (sam and max, strong bad, and wallace) with even a modest PC. i'm the least technical person ever, but grab a demo and give one a try!

  • @svevino said: I only use Linux

    There's this program that has been called the "Holy Grail" for many people on this forums, it's called Crossover Games, it may not be the best program, but with some tinkering, you can get a lot of TellTales Episodes on a mac or linux machine.

  • i have to agree, after getting tired of ssbb and beat sbcg4ap and sam and max wii multiple times, i sold my wii and bought a ps3 for high quality gaming, and i'm a bit dissapointed you guys havn't made a ps3 exclusive title...
    but i'm starting to see a pattern so maybe this will fly.
    Wallace And Gromit-Xbox360
    Hopefully the new telltale game-ps3...

  • hmm, lets see; new game announced: monkey island. Any ps3 version? Let me check...hmmm... nope doesn't appear to be any ps3 version of that either.

  • Well sonys E3 spotlight is today, maybe we will see some new PS# games there.

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