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Control Scheme?

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Yeah the news is outta this world, but before i can preorder, i gotta know, is this bad Wallace & Gromit controls?

Or Good Sam & Max control scheme?


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  • @moomoocow said:
    If it wasnt Telltale who produced this game and we could blame some less favored company like EA or Lucas Arts all hell would break lose. Unfortunately people seem to be more forgiving when it comes to poor Telltale Games ruining a great franchise to make some quick console dollars.

    Come on, this is just getting silly. What kind of hell would break lose? More ranting users on the bulletin boards (80 instead of 40)? And absolutely no response from the site staff? Some hell, that would be.

    Also, accusing Telltale of going after only the money stands no ground whatsoever. It was said earlier in this thread that adventure games are anything but a goldmine (and I can believe that, since Telltale is producing like 60% of this genre's output), and also, being familiar with the prices in the Telltale Store, they're quite reasonable and don't compare to the prices of those companies who ask 1.5 times the price of a Telltale season for a game that lasts twice as long as one single episode (and I'm even being optimistic here).

    I won't even comment on the remarks about the W&G gfx...

  • Ive been waiting so long for this, almost giving it up.. Mouse or keyboard - HIT THAT SHIT!

  • @NickTTG said: you might have lost all credibility with this statement. i think the quality of the graphics are the one thing critics could all agree on. And the style of the game is that of Aardman's... The award winning universally loved claymation studio? :confused:

    I was not talking about the character animations or certain more detailed objects populating the game world. I talk about things like floors, ceilings and walls which lack detail compared to hand-drawn images because a floor made of a plane with a texture put on it simply cannot look as good as a hand-drawn image which naturally is much more detailed. However I shouldnt have put that up here as this only remotely touches the aspect of game controls when it comes to the point of 2D vs. 3D. To summarize what I mean. Yes with the new controls you may be able to create a more diverse, less limited world with more details to explore (as the player can see more things) but on the other end certain things will be less detailed compared to traditional hand-drawn 2D-games (this goes for stuff like floors, ceilings, walls, trees, etc.).

    So calm down. Except for the game controls of W&G and some minor glitches which you can find in any game I was generally happy with the Telltale games I have played (I would not be here otherwise) and I am just VERY annoyed by your decision to stick to a control scheme which I hate and fortunately does not seem to be favored by a majority of people to use it in a game which could potentially be the best adventure in a long time.

    I´m just afraid this game and S&M3 might add to my personal wall of gaming letdowns along with titles such as Grim Fandango, MI4 or Kings Quest 8 and this is not good as I was looking forward to a new Monkey Island for too long.

  • A few choice scenes of Wallace and Gromit are warming me to the controls...

    I'd honestly be very happy either way, as long as Telltale continues to improve and work on the PC controls. My main worry with direct control is that the PC version is getting something added in at the expense of a good product for the benefit of Telltale selling on a platform I'm not going to use....but if they go direct control and it is better than Wallace and Gromit, I suppose I'll be glad.

  • Ok, started reading this thread... kept reading as long as I could, and now I'm just gonna skip to the end and say:

    The first Monkey Island is one of the first games I ever played all the way to completion. It's one of the only games that now, nearly 20 years on, I still play every once in a while. Followed the series through, of course, as you do, and I even enjoyed the hell out of Monkey Island 4, the much maligned red-headed stepchild of the group.

    As long as the humor, the puzzles, and that indescribable itch at the base of your scalp is the same as the previous games (and having played a few Telltale Games, I'm happily secure that they will be), it could require that I learn to play the frickin' OBOE and I would do it.

    Adapt to new controls, or don't. Play a game you've been asking for for years, or bitch and moan and whine and THEN play a game you've been asking for for years. Yes, there are plenty of you whining who are going to pick this up anyway, you know it.

  • Seriuosly, guys, I guess we're in full over-reacting mode here.
    I wasn't a supporter of direct control, but I think this moaning is becoming weird. I guess we all should be supportive and try to elaborate and/or create ways to improve what Telltale has chosen to do. Asking them to revert a strong decision is pointless. Derrick did a great thing creating the hack to mouse-control W&G but... guess what... I had already become used to joypad control and now I'm using that! :p
    I've already posted in another thread some suggestions: optional character-relative movement (great for keyboard users, IMHO), support for more gamepads...

  • Well when it comes to suggestions I´d say :

    1. Add arrows to the bottom of the screen we can click with the mouse cursor
    2. Give the inventory a button somewhere and make that we dont have to scroll down single items
    3. Stop the game from triggering cutscenes or dialogue when approaching objects. Such stuff should be triggered on mouseclicks in my opinion so people can safely navigate to their destination without being interrupted.

    Aside from that I dont have many ideas on how to make keyboard controls better. Not that many shades of grey between black and white here as it seems.

  • Arrows we can click with the mouse cursor would be better than nothing, I think.
    Or like in that script - hold the right mouse button and move the mouse to control the character.

  • Maybe right-clicking out of the screen or on a certain button to switch through the different hotspots with your character automatically turning into the right direction and the hotspots being lit up and left-clicking the button to interact with the hotspot. This way we would need no character movement at all what would make it alot better than navigating with the keyboard.

  • Just popping in to say that I'm in the silent majority that's fine with the controls. As long as I can interact with people and objects with the mouse, it's OK to use the keyboard to walk/run.

    What was really bad about the MI4 and Grim Fandango controls was the fact that you'd have to walk over to anything to even get acknowledged it can be interacted with or not. Standing next to something to look at it. And if more than one item were in the same general area... oh boy.

    No, this is fine. Plus, I'm stoked enough that these games are actually being made!

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