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Online ordering utterly busted

posted by directhex on - last edited - Viewed by 332 users

Guys, you need to find a better e-commerce back-end.


I've spent most of the morning trying to buy Sam & Max, and have constantly had Digital River's crappy servers crapping out on me crappily - "" sitting there either refusing connections or timing out, at random stages during the purchase process.

How about I just get a $40 bottle of whisky sent to Telltale HQ? At least it'd work...

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  • Hm, seems the seventeenth attempt went through. Except without a confirmation screen, I have no download link.


    How about Steam next time? Steam works fine.

  • I think the below is correct, but don't quote me if it doesn't quite work...

    If you download the demo you can unlock the full game using the password and username you enterered into the purchase screen.

    The download as linked in the confirmation email just has the demo portion pre-deactivated.

  • Unfortunately DR's server is not something we have any control over, but thanks for bringing the problem to our attention.

    I looked up your order history using your email address, and I see only one that went through, so you don't have to worry about being charged more than once. I will send you a PM with your order number. JP-30 is right... just download the game here (or anywhere else that is hosting the Culture Shock demo), click "I've already purchased this" on the first game screen, and enter your order number and the password you selected when you placed your order. I'll send you a password reminder just in case you need it.

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