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What about a deluxe version with better bitrate for voices ?

posted by BarfHappy on - last edited - Viewed by 796 users

I imagine the big reason for the low voices bitrate is the size of the download (bigger download, bigger the costs), but for the full season CD edition, maybe you could do a 2CDs pack instead of the single CD and double the voices data bitrate.

The bubble/wobble effect of low bitrate really make my ears uneasy. Hopefully i have a good soundcard and even better speakers system but applying filters to reduce that has a bad impact on the wonderful soundtrack playing in the background.

I truly love the game, and that's the only complaint i really have.
i don't care the difficulty, it is so damn funny and that is just the first case. i guess they will rise the difficulty until they receive hint requests that would indicate the game is getting too hard for the sam and max target audience. Or maybe implement the Max giving hints idea...

Ho well, back to the original point, i guess i am not the only one bothered with the low bitrate, am i ?

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  • Thanks for the clarification, Jake.

    You know, say what you will about episodic gaming, but the opportunity that we have to communicate so closely with the people involved in developing the game is really spectacular.

    Hopefully the team doesn't get bummed about all of the criticism. People just care so much about Sam and Max! It's almost as though the people on the forum are a member of the development team, and it makes this whole thing a very interesting experiment.

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    I'm happy with the voice quality as it is, for a downloadable, episodic game. However, I'll also add in my vote for a slightly higher bitrate on the Season 1 CD/DVD. It'd be a nice extra.

  • @Jake said: The voice quality in particular is something everyone's aware of, though, and its one we hope to offer a solution to sooner rather than later.

    Yes please do, however big the download might be... My ISP charges a month what the complete series of Sam & Max costs so I would be quite happy to utilise some of that capacity!

  • If the soundrate is actually fixed (because the voice sound quality is noticeably irritating) I'll order the season here and now, as I've said elsewhere. It's the only thing putting me off buying this game :)

  • I agree with everyone that the voice quality is too low.

    Everything seems to be stored as plain .vox files (and not in one big .sou file like the old game), so I'm all for a separate download with just higher quality audio in it. Bandwidth is cheap and my sensitive ears sure wouldn't mind a download size twice as big or more.

    The current size of the entire S&M game isn't even as big as some of the movie trailers for other episodic games like Half Life 2 ;)

  • Oooh yeah... a separate, downloadable .vox file with higher bitrate voice samples. I like that idea a lot. It would give me an excuse to play the game again with the volume turned up even louder.

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    Sean A Telltale Staff

    I think just offering a separate download for people who wanted higher quality sound (which would take up more disk space) is the absolute easiest solution here. Just offer two separate links, one High Quality, one Low. Let us decide what the download size is. Even a slight improvement, not even doubling the download size, would be better than scratchy, sub-par graniness. I had to reduce the music volume to hear the voices, and that kind of did suck.

    Still, this is the best 35 bucks I've spent since I bought that detachable third arm a couple years back...

  • all the praise, all the encouragement, and you still want them to deliver a high end product BEFORE? you'll part with any cash?

    Lucasarts are loaded and that's part of the reason they ditched the project....

    I've paid up in theory is if they make enough money you'll need a 10mb connection to download the final chapter in under an hour...

    c'mon guys where's your SUPPORT!!


  • Today it download-size shouldn't bother too much...
    I really don't mind if the game takes 1h to download, or 5h.
    Most people have a flatrate anyway...

    Even if some people don't have a flatrate - give them a choice.
    A big high res version (maybe with high res graphics) an a low res version.
    And everybody is happy :p

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