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Tales of Monkey Island: Dislikes

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well, i decided to dedicate this thread to the criticism of the 'tales of monkey island'. while i'm sure we're all grateful to the telltale and lucasarts for reviving their work on the series, i'm also sure that true MI fans have a thing or two to say about this.

here's a list of my own dislikes.

minor dislikes:

- the MAIN characters are ugly (actually, by saying 'main', i mean guybrush for the most part; you probably tried ur best, but still he looks like a chicken from wallace&gromit or something. i also think you overdid lechuck too). don't get me wrong i'm not against 3d or anythin. i even played EMI and liked it (though monkey combat was a bit 2much it seems), despite what some ppl are saying about it. but when it comes to my FAVOURITE GAME, i'd really appreciate charismatic, better-looking characters.

- earring. what the heck's in guybrush's right ear? do u guys c him as queer or somthin? besides, when did he wear more than one earring?! you sure made him look more manly compared to some parts, and props to you on that... but earrings?

MAJOR dislikes:

- *reading through the game titles* launch of... the siege... lair... the trial... the rise of the WHAT?!! is paganism fancy today or something? ppl 2day r tryin 2 copy warcraft or somthin?!! that crap spoiled 4 me the impression from the third part of 'the pirates of the caribbean'. outa ur own ideas, ask MI fans, i'm sure, they've got plenty! i'm really looking forward to buying SMI:SE this year (as i did with all the previous MI games). and, i dont really mind if u ignore the stuff i labelled as 'minor dislikes', but if u put the 'pirate god' (without at least putting quotation marks over it or something, to show that u dont really mean it) crap into the game, dont even hope on me buying it. as a founder of a MI fan club (ur in luck its not really big - over 100 people) i will not recommend the fans to buy it.
twas kinda harmless (even funny, an sorta cool) 2 c the voodoo magic n stuff in the previos series, but dont u think that something that ur fifth chapter title has is just OVER THE EDGE?

why 'pirate god', anyway? why not 'pirate king', or 'pirate demon' (ok, there sorta was 1 b4), 'great pirate demon', or at least 'pirate lord'? c'mon guys, u gotta 2 do better then the lame title of the fifth chapter. the SECOND worst thing to calling creature a 'god' in my most beloved game, would probably b elaine cheating on guybrush or something (and im writing this so that you could comprehend HOW HORRIBLE for me is what you perhaps are going to do).

note: by the above message i mean no offence to anyone, harsh words like 'crap' are used solely as an expression of disappointment to some extent.

best wishes to the telltale Team! hoping you still have the time and the capability to change something about the fifth chapter, keeping the game religiously neutral as it always has been, and not ruin it like the third part of the movie "the pirates of the caribbean"...

i'm sure that you would make not only me HAPPY, but many-many MI fans all around the WORLD should you do a minor CHANGE on the thing i pointed out...

p.s.: yeah, i kno theres a topic bout complaints an all, but this isnt really a complaint. more like a statement. any1 who wants 2 write something like "i luv u telltale" or "thank you telltale, i hav no objections", or "it's so great that ur making a new game, and i dont care whats inside as long as it has a mi label on it" please refrain from doing so in here. there are many topics on this forum for you to express your joy, so leave at least this one for criticism. thank you!

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