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Sam & Max: Episode 2 anticipation thread

posted by MeaningOfLife on - last edited - Viewed by 541 users

So most of us already beat episode 1 and are pretty satistified with what they have paid for. Our heroic duo stopped the wash-out former celebrity from hypotizing the world to worship him in episode 1. I am hoping that in episode 2 is where there's a main plot to this "season" of Sam & Max, something big and has a continuity all the way to episode 6.

At the same time, each episode has a sub-plot for us to solve and fill as if we have complete the segment of the game, for the time being.

Also, maybe more reference to some of the previous characters from Sam & Max: Hit The Road (like the poster of Harry Moleman at Brady's hide-out) would be good also, give the veterans that the Sam & Max world is all connected.

What do you guys think?

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