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Paganism in TMI?

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i'd like to start this thread with an apology to the Telltale Games crew. it seems i overdid it with some comments about the mi game being in the process of production. sorry if i offended you in any way with my previous posts. im honestly excited that theres going to b a new mi game.

i kno u've been taking a lot of pressure recently from MI fans complaining about the game ur making. must've been a lota stress.

i think i know why the people like Monkey Island. it is for the game's atmosphere. the atmosphere of magic, the atmosphere of humour, the atmosphere of love and romance. i'm sure, we all want to keep that atmosphere, that's why everyone's worried about the game. it just means too much to us.

i'm not too worried about the type of graphics, control or the looks of characters or etc.. i have just one major concern (which i've stated before).

so... this isn't a complaint... nor is it a statement. i'd refer to it as a petition. i've watched an interview with you guys recently, and i believe that your intensions are good. perhaps i used a rather rude way to draw ur attention the first time...

as you know, my concerns are caused by the title of the fifth episode of TMI. of course, i discern nothing about the plot... i am vexed about the matter, though...

i'm asking you to leave this poll open for the sake of all the MI fans out there, who share my concern. if our point of view doesn't make it to the top, do as you please. but if it does, consider this a petition from us to free TMI from becoming just another pagan game.

let it stay religiously neutral as before (of course stuff like silly 'cannibals' and 'voodoo' magic doesn't count).

hoping every1'd share their opinion with us!

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  • Ridiculous. As an Atheist and a person who can distinguish the difference between a fantasy game that takes place in a fictional setting and the real world, there are other words that spring to mind...

  • The old games did a lot of offensive things but got away with it anyway because it was done for the sake of tasteful humor, such as Lechucks arms and legs getting ripped off, or Guybrush almost getting sent to a dimension of intense pain and suffering.

    What about Lechuck turning into a firey demon and roasting a crew of pirates into bones?

    It really depends on how they portray it and for what purpose.

  • @lmi said:
    let it stay religiously neutral as before (of course stuff like silly 'cannibals' and 'voodoo' magic doesn't count).

    You're being ridiculous. If you don't draw the line at volcano gods and voodoo (both among a number of such concepts depicted in the previous games), where do you? I don't know what faith you subscribe to, but surely you're smart enough to realize that this is fantasy? If talk of gods in a fantasy pirate series, where the supernatural is hardly anything new, is offensive to you, then Monkey Island must be one of many targets you're taking aim at with a petition (like maybe Harry Potter, or the inclusion of fairy dust in Peter Pan?). It's make-believe, a fairly tale, intended purely for entertainment. If you can't leave it at that, then it's your failing and not anyone else's. If you can't watch a movie or play a game without questioning your beliefs, then either you're not old enough to enjoy such entertainment or your beliefs couldn't have been that strong to begin with.

  • This survey proves One of 2 things:

    1. My Sarcasm Alarm is broken ... or....

    2. The original poster is a funny way...not in a bite your face off way.

  • Frankly, I don't care one way or the other if Buddha, Jesus, and Satan are having tea together in the game. In fact, I love politically (religiously?) incorrect stuff like that.

  • 2445829.jpgThe monkeys AREN'T listening...

    And now that I've gotten that out of my system, I feel that this is just getting a little too crazy now.

  • @mhaley said: Frankly, I don't care one way or the other if Buddha, Jesus, and Satan are having tea together in the game.

    Actually, I'd love to have that... HUGE joke-potential there :)

  • "God" is a potentially deep word, but when they add the word "pirate" (be it "The Pirate God" or "God of Pirates" or what have you), it's clear that they're going to represent it in the same nonsensical tone as the Voodoo that has been with the series the whole time. Heck, Ghost Pirates, Zombie Pirates, and Demon Pirates are all part of the same spectrum, it's just a question of degree.

    Your use of "just another pagan game" makes me really want to question your tin-foil-hat status, but I'm gonna try and back off...

  • Frankly, if you are afraid to be exposed to anything that contradicts your belief system, it is is either a flimsy belief system, or you are subscribed to it for the wrong reasons. I don't mean to offend anyone, but there it is. The sign of a stable and rationally justified belief system is comfort with opposing perspectives. Fear of opposing perspectives in fiction is plain paranoia.

    I say let Monkey Island sail the sea of ideas under the pirate ethos of freedom from boundaries.

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