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Monkey Island Remakes - Curse and Escape

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Personally, I'm thrilled we're getting Monkey Island sequels. It's one of the best things and happiest moments of my life - it's like a nostalgia trip for me. I think the first remake will do well considering it coincides with the "Tales of Monkey Island" release - I could see both helping fuel the other. And I think Monkey Island 2: Special Edition is a foregone conclusion.

And I think this'll be highly profitable for LucasArts and Telltale.

But what about Curse and Escape? Curse has some of the most beautiful graphics due to its hand drawn style. Escape is...well, Escape is Escape - it has those nasty clunky 3d graphics but the voice overs and funny content.

There's less to update for Curse and Escape. Would you bother changing much beyond graphics? Many would argue the graphics for Curse shouldn't be altered.

Personally I think the best way to handle this situation would be to do both Curse and Escape as a package. It requires the least amount of work - there's no need for voice overs or major score updates. Due to Curse's amazing hand drawn style, you would want to keep the switch functionality.

It'd also be handy to have remakes as older PC games become less and less usable on newer computers - it makes it more accessible for people who don't know stuff like ScummVM is.

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