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I'm from the UK is all hope lost?

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As a die-hard MI fan with a copy of SoMI on 8 very large floppy discs sitting right next to me in a drawer so that I can rememebr the days that those large floppy discs could work in my machine I was absolutly delighted to learn about MI5 in development!

The episodic releases intrigued me and raised a few questions namely
1. Will this work on UK pcs?
2. Will I be reminded in an email to download the next chapter if some how i forget?

and finally most important:

3. Even though I am in the UK is it still possible to pre-order with my silly british money? I really really want a hard copy to look at and smile and pass down the generations, will you be able to ship me one? If so what is the charge or will there be a UK distributer set up?

Thank you in advance especially for creating a game that has been playing with my mind since I completed MI4 all those years ago!

(I'm a mighty pirate!)

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