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Monkey Island Remakes - Curse and Escape

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Personally, I'm thrilled we're getting Monkey Island sequels. It's one of the best things and happiest moments of my life - it's like a nostalgia trip for me. I think the first remake will do well considering it coincides with the "Tales of Monkey Island" release - I could see both helping fuel the other. And I think Monkey Island 2: Special Edition is a foregone conclusion.

And I think this'll be highly profitable for LucasArts and Telltale.

But what about Curse and Escape? Curse has some of the most beautiful graphics due to its hand drawn style. Escape is...well, Escape is Escape - it has those nasty clunky 3d graphics but the voice overs and funny content.

There's less to update for Curse and Escape. Would you bother changing much beyond graphics? Many would argue the graphics for Curse shouldn't be altered.

Personally I think the best way to handle this situation would be to do both Curse and Escape as a package. It requires the least amount of work - there's no need for voice overs or major score updates. Due to Curse's amazing hand drawn style, you would want to keep the switch functionality.

It'd also be handy to have remakes as older PC games become less and less usable on newer computers - it makes it more accessible for people who don't know stuff like ScummVM is.

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  • @Laserschwert said: wallyr.jpgwallycomp.jpg Steve should release more of his old MI2 artwork; these are really cool!

  • I think it's not Steve to release these, as they belong to LucasArts (and are stored in their archives).

  • Love that book, should re-release it with an extra chapter cause of the recent news lol They do with many autobiographies.

  • If Telltale proves one thing that is that it is for the fans, does what the fans want and makes lots of money from the fans. So tear this place up with posts ya all.

  • I wouldn't mind a straight-up rerelease of Curse since I lost my copy aaaaages ago. Seeing it in HD would be amazing, too.

  • @LuigiHann said: I don't know what they'd do with Escape, really, other than re-render it at a higher resolution. Telltale's W&G controls are a step up from EMI controls, too, so they could consider that.

    Better textures, shaders, lighting, higher poly models...

  • Occasionally uninspired art direction aside, EMI looked decent enough for what it had to work with in ten year old 3D. The most obvious problem was the need for it to run on relatively low-end computers (because adventure gamers don't upgrade) and have it all fit across two CDs. It was locked in very low resolution, and the character models were permitted next to no detail. I don't think the difference would be as stark as an endeavor to rescan the MI2 backgrounds in hi-res might be, but there are definitely ways to give EMI a little more shine.

    CMI would just need a resolution upgrade. When everything's hand-drawn illustrations, it's completely ageless.

  • @serweet said: Nope, it reverts to pure original coloured text a nd no speach.

    damn i wanted to play it with original gfx with speech

  • But then it keeps the original intact

  • The remaking of further sequels would depend on the success of the remake of SMI - I for one will be holing my breath and crossing my fingers. (It's a good thing I can hold my breath for over 10 minutes).

    I'm sure most die hard fans will be getting a copy and many other MI fans who weren't around for the original (like me) might be like it, too.

    Not only am I hoping that LeChuck's revenge will be available but I wouldn't mind seeing Curse remade as well as Escape. (When I look at the graphics of the figures from curse it makes me feel old).

    Many might argue that Cursedoesn't need to be remade... Well, I'd probably agree, to an extent, but I'd say that I'd still like to see it get re-launched at the very least. But if they were to remake it they shouldn't have to re-record the voice work.

    But while there's no real need to recreate the graphics of Curse in 3D I would like to point people's attention to Broken Sword 3 (though I don't know how many of you have played that franchise). Several of the scenes there were 3D versions of the original 2D game, but the cell shading was beautifully replicated to accurately capture the atmosphere. It was a very nostalgic game, for me and, though the 3rd edition had faults, it really had an emotional effect on me when I saw those scenes.

    Some people have said they weren't happy with the ending of Escape so maybe a remake of that would be a chance to pander to consumer demand on that front. I don't know. If they're talking about Herman turning out to be Elaine's grandfather (and rightful governor) then I thought it was a nice twist and I kind thought that in a 5th game (which I had started to believe wasn't happening) he might have found returning to home life more than just a little difficult and put up a hammock and a camp fire (etc) outside the governor’s mansion (or, even funnier, on the floor inside).

    I guess a lot of people's problems with the ending might have been the giant 'ultimate insult', since the monkey's head originally had a roller coaster that went to hell beneath it (or did it?)...

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