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What to call the next season of Tales

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Say if this season of Tales of Monkey island goes successful and a second season is announced, just is it possible for it not to be called Tales of Monkey Island Season 2. Just that to make it more in theme you could say.

Like how they have it with each season of the tv show Red Dwarf, instead of being called Red Dwarf season 2 or season 4, it's called Red Dwarf II and Red Dwarf IV.

So if there is a 2nd season of Tales of Monkey Island, could it be called "Tales of Monkey Island 2" or for more style and even better, call it "Tales of Monkey Island II" to give it that like old feeling :)

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  • Cool idea, how about "Abroad from Monkey Island".

    The story takes place where Guybrush doing nothing but just doing erands around Melee which untill Admiral Ricardo Luigi Pierre M'Benga Chang Nehru O'Hara Casaba the Third arrives with a fleet of what's left of Mandrill's army (which he has now control of) which raids Melee and captures all the pirates with Elaine taken hostage. Guybrush tries to confront Admiral Ricardo which then he gets beaten over the head and blacks out. He then wakes on a ship which he then finds out is on course to Australia.

    Once reaching Australia, Guybrush tries to find a way off and back to the tri-island area but also exploring the local area of the town he's in, in Australia.

  • Tales of Monkey Island Reloaded

  • after Sam & Max season one was completed it was renamed
    Sam & Max Save the World

    Season two was renamed
    Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space.

    So the real question is what will they rename season one.
    Tales of Monkey Island: (fill in the blank)

  • @Irishmile said: So the real question is what will they rename season one.
    Tales of Monkey Island: (fill in the blank)

    I don't see why they should rename it. Game already has a perfectly good name and Jake said earlier in this thread that if they make another Monkey game, they would keep the Monkey Island part and replace the "Tales of" with something else.

  • ^ That would seem obvious, since that's what's been going on since the beginning.

    The only standout title is part 2, which is just called Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge, instead of the usual (Secret/Curse/Escape/Tales) of/from Monkey Island.

  • @Vitas said: Hey! Escape was my favourite. I mean, the Monkey Kombat bit was the worst but other than that you had a descent game.

    The only reason it was considred bad was because it didn't sell well in the US since during that time, people wern't into much adventure games anymore. But the game sold very well in Europe and Australia. Plus many major game sites and gaming magazines like IGN etc. gave it high ratings.

    So you have no game to blame except yourself US (no offence intended).

    Monkey Island 4 is absolutely horrible!
    Its graphics were old sinced the release, the MI spirit was ruined with "consumistic" atmospheres (lucre island SUCKS), there were LOTS of conitnuity and story errors (how the hell did Hermann come to Monkey Island? With his vessel, as said in MI2, or in a ship race, like said in MI4?), Herman is Elaine's father (like said in old MIs) AND her grandfather (like said in MI4)! Plus it lost all of the dark atmospheres we saw in old MIs (hell, cemeteries, blood island...). Guybrush is a complete idiot, LeChuck is no more the great nemesis, being Ozzie Mandrill's (Silvio Berlusconi in MI :D ?) little doggie until the very end of the game. Monkey Kombat was slow, frustrating and absolutely fun...NOT. And last but not least the ending: COME ON THE SECRET OF MONKEY ISLAND IS A GIANT ROBOT MONKEY?!?! WHAT THE HELL?!?! :mad:
    The only bit of the game at the same level as MI1,2 and 3 was Stan's enigma.

    Or at least I saw MI4 like this.

  • Tales From Monkey Island

    Chronicles Of Monkey Island

    The Secrets Of Monkey Island

  • ^ The first and last ones you mentioned would just be confusing and stupid.

  • Mortals of Monkey Island? ;)

    np: Tosca - Annanas (Cosmic Rocker Dub) (Suzuki In Dub)

  • @Dannysw said: :O How can you not want more Guybrush O.O

    Simply because i'm already scared of this one and i don't want MI to become a soap opera just because of its fame. i like to have have a good remembrance.
    But pheraps i'm wrong and it'll turn out to be the best of the whole serie!

    that's why i wrote "i'm not really sure..."
    let's wait this new story and hope! then we'll see

    that's it! :)

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