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On Monkey Island being cartoonish

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I've noticed a lot of posters have been claiming that Monkey Island is not cartoonish. That maybe the third one is, but the real, Ron Gilbert ones are not. So I created this thread (yes, a full thread, to draw your attention).

This is a scene from Monkey Island 2. I want you to see how Guybrush escapes LeChuck's fortress. Specifically, the point at which Guybrush lights a match.

Very realistic, isn't it?

Monkey Island is a cartoon, and always has been. And for those of you about to mention SMI's close-ups: [quote=Ron Gilbert] I was always bothered by [the] close-ups. While they were great art, I never felt they matched the style of the rest of the game. Not sure how I feel about them 20 years later[/quote].

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