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The first chapters are always the best

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Have you noticed this? At least for me, whenever I think about replaying any Monkey Island games, I always am mostly excited about that first chapter or exposition of the game. For some reason in all of them it seems like that's where the most magic and fun lies, and then it kinda drops off a little as it gets more towards the end. It usually goes into slightly weaker, less atmospheric territory, and more linear gameplay, almost like all the great puzzles and fun scenes were kinda expended on the first part and the end is more rushed.

Arriving onto Melee Island and completing the trials is what I really replay MI1 for, to me it's much more fun than Monkey Island itself. Getting rid of Largo and getting the 4 map pieces is the real joy of MI2, as well. LeChuck's fortress, Dinky Island and the last scene is less open and involved, and really not what I replay the game for (though the story is still great). The carnival in MI3 feels the same way, at that point i feel like all the cool scenes and puzzles are behind me, and the end scenes are kinda lame. MI4 definitely starts dropping off once you finish the first two islands, and the monkey kombat stuff is like a chore.

Is it just me, or is this kind of a trend for the MI games? When I replay them, sometimes I almost lose interest once I'm done with the first main portion and then know what's coming next. It's like I got what I came for, and if I finish it, it's mainly for the sake of completion.

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  • I think the cartoony graphics of monkey island 3 was the best. Monkey Island feels better with cartoony graphics. Plus, blood island was just as dark as Melee or Scabb Island.

  • Why are you guys talking about graphics in this thread? It's not what this is about at all.

  • I agree to an extent (although of course the four map peice puzzles in MI2 wasn't in the first chapter but the second).

    The ending of some of the games have felt rushed.

    I expect the opposite to be true though of Tales as they will have had more time to work on the later episodes.

  • I liked the stories throughout each game to be honest. I loved Melee (MI1), Scabb (MI2, though a bit dark for prolonged play), and Plunder Island in MI3. But then, there's only Monkey Island in MI1 after Melee, and I think MI1 Monkey Island is one of the best islands. In MI2 You start going through Phatt and Booty Islands and both of those islands kept me very interested, while in MI3 you go through Blood Island which most people vote the best island in the game.

    I think the issue is the end. In MI2 you wind up on dinky, which didn't really hold my attention because i'd been through brain-bending puzzles already and this one was relatively easy. But then, every time LeChuck got to me in the underground, I was flinching and trying to get away. In MI3 we end up at the carnival which did feel a tad like an anti-climax. I've heard the ToMI guys say this game will have some seriousness as well as gags and that gives me hope that they've learned from seeing MI3's carnival at the end. Then in MI4 I think most people seem to think it drops off after Lucre Island story-wise..

    I always look forward to exploring the first island. I guess this is because it's so free-form and you never know what's going to happen. In MI2 we kept this feeling because there was so much to do in the middle islands, while MI3 succeeded in making an island so good that you really could have a mini-adventure on it. I'm not sure i'd agree with you that it's 'best' bit, except in the case of MI4 which I think stands out from the other games in many respects.

  • The carnival of the damned was awesome! The puzzle wasn't super hard but it was fun. The final puzzle of MI1 had the same being chased by Lechuck from one area to another (oh so did 2. Must have been a series thing), and Ron Gilbert talked about the final puzzle being meant to be a bit of a breather, something not too terribly difficult to solve. I thought the carnival was awesome.

  • as for Monkey 1, even some of best scenes are right at the start, the game keeps interesting through out the whole game, and i agree that monkey island from Monkey Island 1 is one of greatest islands, with beautiful scenes, colours, mountains, and so on.

    in Monkey 2, its more-less the same thing, where Scabb Island is great portrayed, with those ships, cabins, but also Booty Island is one of the most interesting in whole series.

    as for Monkey 3, Plunder Island is also one of the fan favourites, with a great set of characters, beautiful sceneries and other. Blood Island with a Skull Island cameo are of course another great renditions, with Blood Island having something unique with that family history behind it, with some great minor characters like gravedigger.

    Monkey 4 Melee Island starts good with a ship battle, and then on Melee Island. Somehow, there is not much thing to do, like in Mansion, or in Scumm bar, and the island is deserted. But, the game is taking on with voyage to Lucre Island. What i miss here is traditional separate chapter for voyage, like it was in Monkey 1 on ship, or in Monkey 3. Lucre Island is not bad at all, with a potential, good set of characters but some tedious puzzles. Jambalaya Island also has tedious puzzles, and the self-parody is interesting but not well thought out, as for example for Planet Threepwood, and the whole island resembles Lucre Island in architecture and colors.

  • Will be interesting to see how it will turn out with TOMI then as with the already published games the first episodes somehow always have been the weakest, at least in my opinion.

  • Might be because half this series finishes on Monkey Island. It's not a gift, it's a curse - every time you get there the corresponding game takes a nosedive. Time to turn that trend around, Telltale! :D

  • @onemanandhisdroid said: Might be because half this series finishes on Monkey Island. It's not a gift, it's a curse - every time you get there the corresponding game takes a nosedive. Time to turn that trend around, Telltale! :D

    Yeah. Monkey Island worked well the first time, and they didn't visit it per se the second time. The third time they tried to visit it whilst making it different, and the fourth they virtually completely changed the island.

    I think there are things to do in Monkey Island, but not really that many things to do. I'll be interested to see how ToMI work this out. I'm sure they'll visit Monkey Island in the end.

  • I'm not sure if that's true or not but in any case I predict Telltale's episodes will get better and better as they go, since that seems to be the trent with their series so far, I feel, with the better episodes being towards the end.

    I doubt this'll happen but it's sort of comforting to know that if ep 1 is released and everyone hates it, they'll have time to take the criticisms on board by the end of the series.

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