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[W&G] Muzzled - Disappearing Items

posted by xbskid on - last edited - Viewed by 187 users

I'm kind of stuck inside the ride, and it seems a couple of my items have gone missing. For one, when I got Digger's attention with the spanner/wrench. If I take it to him, then give it back, Gromit will shake his head, and then, strangely, the spanner will be absent from my inventory. A similar thing happened with the red balloon I grabbed from the town square earlier, and I might have used it on the open grate at the top of the inflatable head, but it's gone missing from my inventory--and I was planning on using it, too.

Edit: The balloon disappears when you advance to the inside of the Muzzler. It might be automatic, but it does make me wonder if it has any use.

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  • same.. my balloon and spanner have disappeared from my inventory. Hopefully I don't need to use the spanner any more.

  • BAM! Fixed in updated version. Just redownload the game. Unfortunately, I don't *think* it will fix the problem if you have already lost the item, so if it doesn't, we can post a save for you.

  • I've actually finished the game already, but thank you!

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