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Would you like to see Monkey Island 2 lechucks revenge special edition?

posted by Wolfstar27 on - last edited - Viewed by 2.4K users

as everyone knows with the hype leading up to the new Secret of Monkey Island:SE, everyone is wondering if there going to make a special edition to Monkey Island 2, now Monkey Island 2 is my favourite game in the series (infact it was the first one i played out of the series),my only concern is seeing the revamp of this game,because as crazy as it sounds, i really love detail in the game, the art work and backgrounds was really breathtaking, and if they revamp the characters,i dont know if there going to loose the hilarious facial expressions, like when guybrush shoves a dog down his pants, or see his cheesy smile, when hes up to no good, or when he gets threaten by largo and you see guybrushs false hair, i dont know wether it would feel the same.

what do you guys think? do you think my concerns are ridiculous, or do you agree with what im saying

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