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As a non-drinker I imagine the Monkey Island recipe for Grog wouldn't taste as good to me if I took it without rum. Here's the recipe for those of you who haven't played SMI (spoiler tags for those of you who don't want to know until they have played it);

Grog contains one or more of the following:
propylene glycol
sulphuric acid
artificial sweeteners
red dye no2
battery acid
axle grease
and/or pepperoni

Here's a nice little site with several recipes for grog, including the one above. (I looked it up because I didn't want to copy it out from the game, replaying the same sequence over and over).

Now, I'd always been lead to believe that 'Grog' was customarily a drink made our of whatever remained of booze that had been brought aboard the ship and whatever fruit was going too soft and needed to be used before it went bad. (But hey, it's quite possible that, in those days, it was still used after it went bad).

However, reading up on wikipedia proved me wrong. Although I have seen many 'contemporary' recipes for grog it seems to me that Limes would be the most natural choice of fruit juice if trying to create a sense of authenticity to the flavour.

So what is the general opinion of Grog from TellTale players? Feel free to answer 1 or more of the following questions, you needn't feel compelled to answer all of them.

Have you ever tried it?
If so, have you tried more than one recipe?
Did you like it?
Do you have a preference?
Do you have a recipe of you own?
If you're experienced with cocktails do you feel inspired to experiment with your own recipe? If so please try it and tell us your findings :D

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