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When sequels go BAAAAD! - not MI related

posted by Silverwolfpet on - last edited - Viewed by 319 users

I just saw something... terrible.
I'm not a huge Max Payne fan, I have played the first two games, and I can understand that a third game in developement is a huuuge thing among it's fans... but, this....this is...awful!
I'm not judging the company, I'm not judging the people that are working on Max Payne 3... but this...

Well, for those of you who don't know the character, here are a few quick links to what he looks like, and what type of atmosphere the first games have:
From the movie (which I didn't see, so no opinion there, just check out the "mood"):

Okay, you still with me? Good. Now, check out Max Payne 3, the newest game of the series. I shall leave the opinions up to you...

...imagine if this would've happened to TMI. It's just...sad... and I'm not even a fan. :(

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