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Concepts and Such

posted by Ry Guy Telltale Staff on - last edited - Viewed by 3.6K users

Stuff that has lead up to current designs and stuff that has just been left to die.

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  • Yeah I don't see much of a parallel there.

  • I see more of a parallel to Evil Dead 2.


  • @LuigiHann said: "GIVE ME BACK MY HAAAAANNNNDDD!!!!" DX

    Guybrush with a stump-mounted chainsaw would definitely take the series in a different direction, wouldn't it?

    Although, I wouldn't mind the whole "evil hand beating the hell out of him" sequence...

  • @seanvanaman said: I think in the final, shipped product, Ryan's concept is pretty much spot-on.

    This is good news :D

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