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Stuff I have laying around

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I made this wallpaper for my work PC yesterday. If anyone wants it, it's yours!

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    seanvanaman Telltale Staff

    @Jake said: I'm on there at the bottom, and clockwise from me is Dave Grossman. I think next up is Sean Vanaman and then Ryan Jones is upside down right at the top. I can't make out the other names. I think between Mark Darin and Ryan is Mike Stemmle but I might be making that up..... Don't believe a word I say.

    Starting from the bottom of the photo, move clockwise around the edge.

    Below the actual pin itself is:
    Jake Rodkin.
    Clockwise from there we have:
    Dave Grossman.
    Just to the right of Dave, on the other side of the pin is:
    Mark Darin (Co-Lead, Writer)
    Clockwise from Dave an Mark is:
    Me, Sean Vanaman (Writer)
    Clockwise from me is:
    Ryan Jones -- initials RJ (Concept Artist)
    Below Ryan and Sean you'll find:
    Mike Stemmle (Co-lead)
    And lastly, clockwise from there we have:
    Joe Pinney (Designer)

    Enjoy! Sell it on ebay and retire on your absurd profit!

    EDIT: Please do not sell it on ebay, God will kill a manatee as retribution and I will weep.

  • Thanks for the update. I appreciate the intrepretation.

    Ebay crossed my mind. I'm sure it would go for a pretty penny considering all the signatures but I wouldn't sell it. It's too cool, has sentimental value and it's rather fashionable.

    But on eBay I actually did bid $25.00 on a whole set of the e3 buttons. I ended up losing the auction which went for sixty-six dollars not including shipping.

    Silently you need to manufacture "bootleg" copies to sell on Ebay for $66.00 a pop. You wouldn't even need to make games anymore. Just borrow Jake's eBay account.

  • Dassa big pin ... unless you had your two year old hold it for the picture. (In which case, they need to get some moisturizer on that hand.)

  • My button came in today :D


    I got the "Lechuck: Whats His Master Plan?"

    I also added a little fan comic on top if you can make it out, usually id scan these things in but my scanner died about a month ago.

    Thanks again Sean! And thank you everyone else on the team who signed it :) This will be a treasured part of my collection :D

    :D !!!!!

  • Wow!! awsome!!! (hehe i just bought the Pre-Order and im in the 7 heaven!! jaja)

  • Wow, that seller ripperx has sold at least two full sets of buttons already and has a third up for auction now. I'm not really surprised but I'm kind of sad to see this. We handed out every last button at E3 -- we didn't even have extras to bring back for people on the Tales of MI team. It's sad to me that someone took that many buttons, which could have been handed out to other fans or mailed to people on our forums, so he could turn around and sell them for crazy prices on eBay. :(

    Oh well. Like Lindsay said, we are planning to print more.

  • Lindsay? Don't know who that is. Either way I am excited to hear more are being made.

  • Linday's post

    She's the person at Telltale who's in charge of getting more pins printed. :D

  • Man.

    Wish I lived in San Diego.

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