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Stuff I have laying around

posted by Jake Telltale Alumni on - last edited - Viewed by 6.2K users

I made this wallpaper for my work PC yesterday. If anyone wants it, it's yours!

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  • Or a close-up of a character's boot, so that we can try and guess the size and to whom it belongs.

    A rock... and we have to guess if it's plot relevant or not.

  • Or how about posting a blurry image of one of the most important plot devices in the game, so that we think it can't be that important, and you can laugh maniacally?

  • Or post a blurry image of an old episode of Sam & Max and see what we make of it!
    Wait, that's not fun for us...

  • @Majus said: I think the excitement of the last picture is over, Jake.
    When will you post a blurry one of some grass-texture, so we can debate about which island it came from. Maybe Monkey Island?? Hmmm…

    That would be a little too much excitement... :eek: I mean there's so much to think about when it comes to grass.

  • Thanx a lot,we are very happy that there is a very special company(family)like you,with full of art and humor.You will NEVER walk alone!!!

  • @GozzoMan said: Well, I think the best way to crack down on such a people is to make the goods they sell more available and less palatable for "collectors"... i.e. exactly printing more of them and letting anyone know!!

    Merch democracy!

    ...Have I already said how much I love TTG? :D

    PS: Yes, I hate "collectors", they spoil the fun on so many things, they complain when things are re-printed, etc. etc. ... despicable.

    And they usually fight like a cow, too.

    Just wanted to say that despite being a collector, i have no problems with items being available at cheaper prices :) I absolutely love all three of my editions of STH (original, re-print and re-print hardcover) tremendously.

    Even though i have paid the ridiculo-prices for the rarer versions i would in no way complain about a re-issue of those exact versions (or enhanced or otherwise). For example: If they were to suddenly re-release all the fm-towns versions in a scale where they were available at average retail game prices, i would have no complaints or issues whatsoever despite having had to bay something like 300-450 for each of the ones in my collection.

    For me at least its about having the versions rather than their value

  • @Jake said: Sean ran a trivia contest on Twitter. They went quick!

    Which Twitter? The TellTaleGames Twitter, or Sean's (if he has one.). I never got any tweets of a contest on Twitter. Odd. (If it's on the TellTaleGames one, that is.)

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    Jake Telltale Alumni

    It was Sean's, which I think he talked about earlier in this very thread!

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