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Arrrrr... It's the epic Monkey Island™ "Did You Try" list, matey!

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Do you know what is so epic about this list, it's because it's not about one of Monkey Island™ games, but all of them, including the new one TMI™. The few ones I remember are only from Curse of Monkey Island™

So in Curse of Monkey Island™ did you try...
giving the arm back to Murray
using the ventroliquisim book with every one you meet
giving some gum to Murray
putting the pin on the vodoo doll again
using the burning piece of wood with the vodoo doll

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  • @thin029 said: I love the topic's name!

    Thank you!

  • Just look at all the "Secrets" sections here. Topic over. :p

  • @Haggis said: Just look at all the "Secrets" sections here. Topic over. :p

    Nope! It doesn't tell all the responses, use one item with a cetain object or character!

  • From Monkey Island 2

    Find out what colour the tree is from Herman Toothrot

    Examine the Keep Left sign in the shop on Booty Island

  • That one is not on the secrets page, but I remember that this happened to me when I was playing MI in the 90ies.

    I don't remember exactly where it was, but...
    In one of the two first games you could fall from a cliff and die. No, not really die. You saw a picture of the falling Guybrush for a moment and were asked if you want to load a game, restart or quit. A split second later Guybrush was catapulted back. He said something about a rubber tree down there. When I replayed the games a few days ago I couldn't find it any more. It's either in SoMI when you get Herman's paddles or in LCR at the cliff where the map is.

  • @LogicDeLuxe said: It's what happens when you;)
    In case you were searching for it in the Sega-CD version, it's broken there.

    Guess it's that. No, I wasn't searching in the SEGA-version, what I own is the CD-ROM version. Maybe it's just in the 3,5" version?

  • Yep, just tried. Thanx. I just had been at the wrong place. Nice joke, isn't it?
    The was a rubber tree in CoMI... guess that was one of these special jokes.

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