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Problems downloading W&G episode 3

posted by megajem on - last edited - Viewed by 121 users


I have been trying to download W&G episode 3 on the download page. However before the files is downloaded completely, the file is automatically stopped downloading. It can be at various % completion and I have been re-downloading like 20 over times in the last 2 days.

Can somebody help with this? Thanks!

Update: Have managed to download the program completely. Thanks for anybody who had been looking into this problem.

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  • I am still having this problem myself, but I doubt that it is Telltale's fault directly. There is clearly a problem somewhere between their server and my home network, though. I have tried disabling my firewall settings to no avail. Muzzled usually reaches 66% before stopping abruptly.

    Did you change any settings to make it download completely?

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