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Wrong resolution problem

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Hi,i have a problem,accidentally i was change the resolution to 1600x1024 which probably my monitor doesn't support(even thought the monitor has a 1680x1050 capability)and the result was a blank screen.I restart the PC but when i try to launch the game (from the official launcher)the result is the same.Is there a change to fix it manually from the folder?cause i don't have any other choice.Thanx:(

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  • Try to rename the file 'prefs.prop' stored under 'my documents/telltale games/' to something like 'prefs.old'.
    As far as I know all the settings you make on the main menue (like graphic level, volume, hint level, screen resolution, etc.) are stored in this file. If the game cannot locate that file, I guess it should start with some common defaults...

    I have not tried this procedure myself, so I cannot guarantee that it works, but if the game just does not start at all without that file or you get some other strange effects, you can still change back the file name. (That of course would not help you with your problem then, but what I am trying to say is that at least you do not risk anything by trying my suggestion as you can restore the current state any time if it does not work.)

    Edit: You could also try to use a 'prefs.prop' file Telltale provided here:
    This was meant for "Fright of the Bumblebees", but perhaps it works for the other episodes, too!?
    (Again, I have not tried this myself, so make sure to backup your original 'prefs.prop' file for that episode first before you replace it.)

  • I think you can press ALT+ENTER (not 100% sure that is what you need to press) to switch to windowed mode, and from there you should be able to change the resolution as normal and switch it back to fullscreen.

  • Thanx a lot Adventurers!!!

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