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Pre-rendered in-game cutscenes?

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Please tell me that all cutscenes are NOT pre-rendered movie files(MPEG2). I hope all of them are scripted and rendered on-the-fly with the game engine. I have several games that used pre-rendered movie cutscenes(MPEG2), and they are poor quality and don't match the in-game graphics.

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  • They are in-engine cutscenes, not prerendered movies. :D

    The cutscenes match the game's graphics perfectly (because they ARE the game's graphics!) And in-engine cutscenes help keep the file size low, which is important for a downloadable game.

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    Yeah, I was going to say... if the first episode of Sam & Max was even 100 megabytes (which it's not, as I understand), half of that would have to be dedicated to pre-rendered cutscenes just because of how inefficient it is as a method.

    In-engine is good by me, especially since the graphics look so good.

    Love the way Bone looks.

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    Great! I know Bone had in-engine cutscenes, but was curious if Sam N' Max would have them too. IMO, it provides a seamless gaming experience.

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