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Help! Can't get the game to work

posted by Smousie on - last edited - Viewed by 176 users

I have Windows Vista, a 2ghz processor, 2gb of memory and 128mb graphics. I should be able to play the game with no problems (I can play other Telltale games such as Sam and Max or Wallace and Gromit without problems, as well as other video games such as World of Warcraft and Guild Wars). But the sound is out of sync with the action, and sometimes it sticks and the sound repeats itself, plus the cursor moves so slowly it's impossible to play the game. I move the mouse and the cursor follows a few seconds later, it's literally impossible to move the cursor precisely or to position it with any accuracy. So I basically can't play the game :(

I persevered through the initial cut scene in the hope that things would improve once I got into the game itself, but it's still the same. I'm so sad I can't play the game. Can anyone help?

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