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"Key Required" error

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I have bought SamnMax some days ago (the game was
bought by credit card) and at first it worked correctly. Now when trying to run the game, I get the following error:

"The security key for this program currently stored on your system does not appear to be valid for
this version of the program. Select yes to enter a new key, or no to revert to the default setting (if any)"

What should I do ?

Thanks in advance,

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  • Have you installed any new hardware since you installed the game? Do you have a removable network card or other removable hardware that was turned on the last time you played, and is off now (or vice versa)? Are you running Vista? These are all reasons you may have received that message.

    If you're running Vista, I'm afraid this error is due to a bug that we're trying to figure out right now. (Vista is not a supported OS for Sam & Max yet.) Otherwise, please click Activation Support and follow the instructions to get an activation key from us.

  • The only thing I did is updating Windows, and changing some components of my computer (I guess this is what caused the key to become invalid).

    I contacted the Activation Support but received no answer so far.

  • Did you email support using the same email address as your forum account? If so, I don't see any emails from that address in our support system. If you haven't received a response yet, please send me a PM with your order information (order number, or the email address you used for your order) and hardware fingerprint.

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