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Graphics Problem - Tiny flashing black dot on screen

posted by Knurrunkulus on - last edited - Viewed by 250 users

At some moments in the game (sometimes more, sometimes less often) it will happen that in the upper right of my screen a tiny black dot keeps flashing. When I stand next to the wheel on the Screaming Narwhal for example, so that the background is all bright and blue, and just do nothing for around two minutes, the dot will have flashed up approximately 15-20 times or so. It would also flash up if I did something more active than nothing, of course.

It seems like a minor issue, but after a while, it really starts getting on one's nerves. First I thought that it might have to do with the Windows sidebar, but when I activate it, the dot will still appear.

Is this a problem that only I encounter or do others experience this too?

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