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Here's something new..... Is anyone into Manga and/or Anime?
I'm not a big expert or anything and I've liked a couple of titles over the years, but recently I've rediscovered some old favourites, plus a couple new ones too. Thanks to the local public library I've been giving a bunch of manga books a go.
I thought it was neat how you have to read it all backwards and just the style of japanese comics.
The dragonball series is a good one I've really come to enjoy and from there I've tried "Dr. Slump " which is by the same author/Artist. It's really weird but I still tolerate it.
I've just started this title called "One Piece " which is apparently really huge in the Manga/anime world. (A pirate story which, so far, is kinda similar to Monkey Island. They even have Grog.)

As for strictly Anime, I've had a love for the City Hunter movies (haven't had a chance to see the Tv show).

That's pretty much it... Alot of this stuff can be really crazy, but I find some of it entertaining.

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