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Cannot download game!!!

posted by scollege on - last edited - Viewed by 719 users

I have been trying to download this freaking purchased game (Al Emmo and the Lost Dutchman's Mine) since 12/10 (it's 12/11 now). The connection will not go any faster than 25 kbps (even though I have a DSL connection. I might as well be using an old 56k or something!).

I've been letting it run for over 24 hours now. I'm finally at about 85% and now I am getting errors when attempting to finish (see below image):


Yes, I have tried completely disabling my firewalls.

Yes, I obviously have an Internet connection (I'm sending this, aren't I?).

Yes, I am throughly fed up.

I can provide my order # upon request.

If this can't get resolved soon I'll need a refund.

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  • Sorry to hear it's been so slow. :(

    The good news is that our games use a download manager that keeps track of how much you've already downloaded. After getting that error message, if you double-click the "Download Al Emmo Now" shortcut (or whatever it's called) on your desktop, the download should resume from the point where it dropped off. Please give that a try. I've gotten that error sometimes downloading games from inside our office -- not sure why, since it's not a firewall problem, but I've always been able to resume the download and it picks up where it left off.

    If you're still having trouble, let me know and I can burn the setup file to a CD and drop it in the mail for you.

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    Jake Telltale Alumni

    Sorry you're having trouble, scollege! Someone will likely be able to provide you with a direct download URL (or better solution) tomorrow when they get to work (its 9:30 in the evening right now in California, so nobody's at the office at the moment).

    edit: I guess Emily beat me to the punch with a real suggestion. Awesome. (and scary)

  • HI,

    i had the some problem. I can´t download the setup file. what should i do ?? Can i canceld my order ?? i´ve payed with paypal. And shipping a CD is not a good idea, because i´m from germany.

  • Hi CrazyER,

    Sorry to hear it. :( It's a big file, so I understand why some people would have trouble downloading it.

    We can refund your order. Send an email with your order number to and we'll take care of it.

    In future we hope to offer a smaller download for this game, so maybe you can try again then. :)

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