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The Ninja

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Trying to figure out how to find the Ninja. I already gave him the knife and covered him in the black ink. What do I do next?

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    His name starts with D and It's D'oro :P

  • Damn it!!!!!!!

    Isnt D just half an O anyways!!

  • @partially said: THANK YOU!!! And telltale that was a bit ill-conceived that you have to use the map on the well, it wasn't clear at all. I got everything right but was bewildered that it wasn't working, thanks for the help.

    Agreed. I really don't understand why you'd need to use the map on the well to be able to get to the treasure. Following the instructions should have been enough (as it was in MI 1) or at least should have been working without having the need to trigger the whole sequence with the map. To be honest, I've rarely been this frustrated over a puzzle, because was following the same tedious over and over while hoping to see something I missed.

  • Phew... I didn't realise to use the map on the well either; just thought I had to start there. Didn't really wanna come and look here in case I spoiled anything, lucky I found this one :-) Thanks folks...

  • Okay, I have Dave the ninja. I have the map from D'Oro. I found the start point for the map and follow the directions all the way through the bird. And then nothing. If I keep walking that direction, the frame changes, there's a "fwoomp!" off in the distance somewhere, and he says something clever like "Oh, monkeyspit!" (and I know how he feels). If I walk back to the start point, I just stand there staring like a fool while nothing happens. If I drop the map in again, nothing happens. How am I not finding the X?

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