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Read first! - Signpost thread for easy linkage.

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May aswell try and combine certain threads into one to save a load of reposts.

So before you post (if you do read this) heres a run down of what we have so far.

1) Very very beginning incase you get stuck:

2) First two 'trials':

3) The last 'trial':

4) Eeeeeeee, voodoo map thing!:

5) After the map, before the near-ending:

6) Gathering pieces of usefull Idolthings:

7) Stickystickysticky situation! (Aka, the end):

Obviously as a pre-warning, spoilers may not always be covered, so if you only want a few hints, It'd be best to scan through posts as quickly as possible. If you're also posting, you can hide your replied with [ spoiler ] Without the spaces [ /spoiler ].

Oh, and, the major hint anyone would give you about the game; click on everything you can, even the smallest tinyest possible thing that can be clicked on, click on it! and explore!


Generic walkthrough, stepbystep. Clicky me for extra easy pointers!

Official walkthrough with a borader horison on awesomeness. Clicky me for officialness!

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