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Reoccurring characters

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I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, so don't get wrong here.

But I do have one concern. Remember Sam and Max season 1 and how it would use the same character over and over again, even when it made little sense that the old characters would be returning in the next episode? I got pretty sick of seeing them, especially since many were 'one-shot joke characters'. Even Sybil and Bosco got pretty obnoxious by the third or forth episode. In fact I've yet to play the last episode, and thus haven't even picked up the second season yet (I will someday).

Now I know why they did it (limited resources), and I know Monkey Island will be taking place in different locations each episode which is a huge step in the right direction. But obviously, resources are still somewhat limited, as half of Flotsom Island's inhabitants share the same head model.

I truly hope that is not an indication that we will be seeing these characters in every episode. Obviously if Guybrush returns to Flotsom for an episode, it would be reasonable to see some recurring characters in that episode, but I'm kinda worried they will be popping up for no good reason throughout when I'd rather see more new characters each episode (even if they do share some head models).

What do you guys think? Is Telltale past the point where they have to resort to reusing characters simply for budgetary and time reasons? Or do you feel it's even a problem like I do?

And once again, as a die-hard Monkey Island fan, I'm pretty satisfied overall.

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