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The Monkey Island abbreviations

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Knights of the Old Republic have them, Vampire the Masquerade have them and now Monkey Island have them. Well technically they've had them for a long time though people haven't used them much ...... UNTIL NOW!
Here they are:
SMI - The Secret of Monkey Island
MI2 - Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge (gives that Terminator feeling T2 lol)
CMI - The Curse of Monkey Island
EMI - Escape from Monkey Island
ToMI - Tales of Monkey Island (pronounced Tommy lol)

and my favourite:
SMISE - The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition

So now that you know the abbreviations for each, use them alot in chat and on here but use them wisely my padawans lol.
Beat that KoTOR, VTMB, COD and WOW. Feel the might of SMISE.

So spread the word of these abbreviations to all Monkey Island communities and what not.

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