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Screen Resolution would have helped the player alot

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A great advantage with games in polygon 3d is that I (normally) can scale the resolution as much as the monitor can handle to make the game look as good as possible without blurring the details.

I personally have a 22" monitor and great eyes. At low resolution games become's a messy blur and I find it difficult to see what it is im looking at. I have two 7900GTX/512mb cards. When possible I play games in 2048x1536 but traditionally I at least go up to 1600x1200. The low resolution in CSI 3 gives the term "Pixel Hunting" a new meaning and I even find it difficult to read the text. This is sad because I love C.S.I and played the other 3 and I try really hard to live through this one as well.

Now I am not here to boast about my computer, but to say that when taking on the procedure to create a game in full-3d, taking the extra step to allow change-able screen resolutions allows players to use their unique computer setups to the best, giving both the 3d modellers and the 2d artists justice. This helps to bring the game forward for a better overall experience.

I hope I wont see this option missing in future games.

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