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PETITION to Telltale Games to translate Tales of Monkey Island into SPANISH

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Before I start, give my congratulations on the great work you are doing specially to Telltale Games that have revived this great saga.

I am a boy of 18 years in Spain, as is my normal level of English is not very high. I have been a good little fan of this saga since Monkey Island 1. I would like you to putt the subtitles in Spanish, althought take many months to make, I will wait, but I would like enjoy 100% of the game and all of his jokes that I thint thar are great, but because of my level of English I don't understand all.

Thank you very much for your attention and I hope that in some month I will see a pack of Tales of Monkey Island in Spanish, which I and a lot of fans that they are in Spain will buy it, so the sales would be secured.

PD:Sorry for my bad english :( and thanks again!

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  • If I had to guess, there will be subtitles by the time (and this quite a guess) that Tales gets a retail release, ala Sam & Max Season 1 (the Season 2 retail version hasn't been released yet, IIRC).

  • I enjoyed the game in English and the first Monkey Island game was a great help to learn that language.

    But I would really like to play the game with subtitles in Spanish. What I don't understand is why Wallace & Gromit had multilanguage subtitles on releases and other games don't.

    And I would love that the game gets a full dub, but that is probably not going to happen. Why the complains by the way? The spanish dubbing to both COMI and EFMI were both excellent! Except for the fact that they took out the A Pirate I'm Meant to Be song from COMI.

  • Hopefully my level of English was 100% because then it would be making a request for Telltale Games to let me translate it, but the reality is this :(

  • @NewWendigo said: I was going to create a thread like this to ask for a translation to spanish, but it is already done, so I only want to say one thing to you Telltale.

    I wont buy a game that I cant understand correctly, and like me, a lot of spanish people will do the same. It is unforgivable nowadays.

    Sorry for my english :mad:

    Not to be harsh mate, but its more unforgiving that it isnt forced by law in every country to learn blood english, imagine how easy the world would be, if we all could stick to one language or atleast just learn the same one.

    Its so unforgivable not taking the time to learn english.

  • @NewWendigo said: List of languages by number of native speakers

    The World's Most Widely Spoken Languages

    Spanish is the 3rd or the 2nd most widely spoken language.

    Actually that's using roundabout logic as the data doesn't exactly correlate. For example, it tells nothing about markets and consumers. Maybe Spanish is more widely spoken in the world, but perhaps Italian gamers buy more Adventure games. In that case Italian should get precedence. I mean Mandarin is the most widely spoken language in the world... why aren't computer companies rushing to translate ToMI to Mandarin. Markets. Not to mention Spanish is spoken in more under-developed countries than say German or Italian, which skews the numbers a bit. English isn't the most spoken language in terms of numbers, but it is arguably the most important seeing as it's spoken in some of the most developed and economically powerful nations, so raw data is absolutely useless.

    So I repeat... there's no reason why Spanish should get precedent over other major languages that are wanting a translation.

  • i guess it may be translated in the most comercially atractive ones. the usual. And maybe some other y f some local publisher wants it

  • I have a question for Telltale.... WHY episodes of Wallace & Gromit have 5 subtitles languages?? (Italian, Spanish, English, French and Deutsch) and Tales of Monkey Island not???

    And the season of Wallace & Gromit is not finish...

  • @amt8 said: The guy who created this topic is from SPAIN.

    Spain is in Europe.

    I wonder why so many people living in the US automatically think in South America as soon as the read "Spanish" somewhere.

    Maybe TTG should make a forum for racist ignorants like you...

    When he said "Latino," I think he meant "Hispanic". Not many people in the US know the difference. I believe that "Latino" = Latin America, which includes Central and all of South America, including Brazil, plus Spanish-speaking Caribbean, such as Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Dominican Republic. However, this doesn't include Spain.

    "Hispanic" means "Of Spain" and refers to every country and region that speaks Spanish, such as almost all countries in Central and South America (with some exceptions, such as Brazil, Suriname, Belize, etc.), and includes Spain, though Spain does not include just Spanish (or Castellano) and also includes Catalán, Andalusian, and Basque.

    At least that's what the terms mean to the best of my knowledge. I could be wrong. Anyone want to correct me if I made a mistake?

  • @Iron Curtain said: Spain does not include just Spanish (or Castellano) and also includes Catalán, Andalusian, and Basque.

    At least that's what the terms mean to the best of my knowledge. I could be wrong. Anyone want to correct me if I made a mistake?

    There's no language such Andalusian, and you forget Galician, Valencian and Balearic (though many people thinks these last two languages are the same than Catalan, since they're very similar)

  • @Yandros said: How many people would you estimate haven't played the game because it's in english?


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