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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Game-video freezing! Please help!!

posted by Brioli on - last edited - Viewed by 320 users

Hello all,
I really hope you can help me!

My CSI game keeps freezing up during the video parts of the game (like it's buffering or something) I'm also having problems with it letting me switch the 3D rendering to directx from software, under options (it's saying my video card is not compatible?). I have a Nivida GeForce 7900GS graphics card and the new Microsoft DirectX 10 so it's compatible. I am also running Windows Vista (ugh:cool:). Can someone please tell me why it's lagging during video:confused:? Everything else in the game seems to be running fine. I am so excited about this game, but I can't play it with the video parts doing that. It takes forever to get through just one video.:(

Thank you so much

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