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Problem with Stan's Voice - your opinon?

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Hi - Quick question here to fans...
Anyone else disappointed with Stan's voice in CMI? I'm not even going to get into talking about Stan's voice in EMI, because it was know. Here is my point:

Stan's voice in CMI was good, I enjoyed it, but I did not feel like his voice went with the character I remember from my childhood. Upon hearing the recent LucasArts Podcast we heard a clip of Stan talking about his Previous Used Vessels, and they use the same voice actor as CMI. Now that makes me happy, because I am all about continuity (EMI Stan and Elaine made me sad...even though I liked Elaine in EMI better, continuity suffered, thus the sadness).

When I played MI1 and MI2 as a child - and even recently through my play through of Lechuck's Revenge - , I imagined Stan as having a loud, boisterous voice like Billy Mays, or the guy from those commercials about how the government can give you money, the guy who wears the suit covered in $ signs, Matthew Lesko. Stan's voice seems too laid back, too casual...too, "Hey, if you don't want to buy this boat, you don't have to, but let me just calmly tell you about it." When I played the game I imagined him IN MY FACE, loud, excited! I guess I understand the idea: they wanted Stan to be calming, to sooth the buyer, to be slick and schmoozy, but that is not the kind of salesman I always saw Stan as.

What do you guys think? I'm all for continuity, so I'm glad the voice actor is back in the Special Edition, and if Stan is in Tales, I hope they use the same voice actor, too! But all in all, I think it was a wrong choice at the beginning. Just my opinion.
What are your thoughts?

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