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Things you missed from older games (not EMI!)

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First off, let me point out that I LOVED this first chapter of "Tales of Monkey Island", so people at TTG: thank you from the bottom of my longtime-monkey-island-fan heart. That being said, there are a few things I missed from the older games in the series. To name a few:
-More dialogue: You were able to have pointless yet very amusing conversations with almost every character on the different islands; they had lots of things to say about themselves and their view on the different situations and issues of the island and you could spend several minutes talking to them. I loved that part, it really set to tone to the whole experience, which leads me to a second point:
-Richer Background: Every island had a very rich story, and you were able to find out about it through different ways if you were interested in it. I felt that in this first chapter of TMI there was a lack of background story. I really wanted to know more about the island, but none of the characters had much to say about it other than some references to the wind and the mer-folks.
-More interactive and diverse situations: an example: When Guybrush had to go into the bar, I was like "awesome! the inside is going to be so much fun to play" but then all we hear are sounds and noises, and Guybrush is kicked out of the bar. That was a real disappointment for me; in older games they would have created the whole interior of the bar and several characters and situations to deal with.
-A more pirate-like and misterious atmosphere: Older MI games had a very distinctive and peculiar background and scenery art. Everything looked old and worn out, like from a different time, a very old time. You really felt like you were visiting long lost places in the caribean where pirates and such once used to live, abandoned shacks and old colonial houses. I loved that kind of art from the first three MI games. In TMI, everything looked kindda... new. That sort of nostalgic look was gone.

I hope TTG developers take these into account in order to make the following chapters in TMI more like the original games at least regarding these points. Of course, if they don't, I'm sure I will still enjoy the new chapters just like I did with LOTSN.
What do you people think?

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