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ToMI + Crossover Mac: no keyboard => no savin', no quittin'

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Hi, I managed to install and properly run and play ToMI on my MacBook Pro in Crossover by following these instructions with this modification.

Briefly: install IE6 in a Win98 bottle, then make that bottle a WinXP bottle and install ToMI in it.

Now, the problem is that, in game, the keyboard is unresponsive, which makes it impossible to access the main menu to either save or quit. I have to rely on autosave and to hard reboot the computer to exit the game (ctrl-alt-esc doesn't work). The mouse-only controls (in my case trackpad-only) are also impractical, but it's not really important.

I have another, unrelated problem with the fullscreen resolution (1440x900). The game is actually displayed with a frame on all sides except at the left. When the cursor reaches the frames, the cross cursor of the game remains inside the graphic "window", and a standard arrow cursor appears in the frame. Then the clicks are not registered anymore, hence I have to aim precisely at the end of the graphics area to open the inventory. If the keyboard worked, I could use the "I" shortcut to open it, but it doesn't work at the moment, making this another annoyance.

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