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I had a wierd dream last night

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I think I've been on the web too much lately. Last night I had a dream that Telltale finally told us what project they where working on. It was going to be a game about a superhero jainitor or something,(am I even close at all?), the suspense is starting to take it's toll on me. Can someone over there telltale hurry up and slip your watch guard lawyers a sleeping pill or something so that you can tell us what project your working on. Anyway, today I ask you the question, what's the wierdest dream you have ever had.

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    Okay.... I had a very strange dream about a pet that doubles as replenishable food...

    I dreamt that a friend and I bought a pet in a tank from this weird robot and it looked sullen, so we asked the robot when it was last fed. Turned out to be two weeks. :(( So we fed it a whole bunch and it was happy! But then for some reason my dad cut it up and it turned into pickles and told us to eat it, so I reluctantly ate the pickles until they were all gone, and somehow the pet regenerated in a different form. This time I was resolved to keep it the way it was but various people kept snatching it from the tak (it needed water to breathe) and claimed it was a baby or something though it clearly looked like a weird green fish with odd features. I managed to get it back into the tank and safe, but when I got it back to my family my sister (who wasn't really my sister but some retarded hick with brain disease or something) demanded to cut it up though I insisted it was alive and should be treated nicely. But no matter how much I tried to protect it, she somehow cut it up into pickles again.

    Then I had a weird dream as I was waking up which involved the strange hick sister being absorbed by the pet somehow and me saying "How do you like it now??".

    Very very strange.....

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    i thought i was peeing in a bathtub while i was actually peeing in my bed. i was 5, mind you

  • I had a monkey island dream last night. It was a new monkey game where herman had taken all stuff and the puzzle was how to get it back from him but you could only get it back one piece at a time. When I woke up I realized it might be good to put the series to rest. I really don't want another herman puzzle nor do I really want to visit money island again nor fight lechuck. I think the series should leave off where it is since the jokes are becoming kind of stale and I would hate to see a great series get worse. Kind of like how they kept making star wars movies.......

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    Heatherlee Telltale Staff

    wow...I feel sort of sad for the fish pickle thing.

    But then could make alot of money in the pickle market with such a creature.

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    I have really weird dreams sometimes.

    I have this same dream, every shrove tuesday, since I was about four. Its just some guy sitting in a chair. Nothing else. Its kinda freaky and a kinda sitting in a chair kinda way. I try to break the cycle by doing completely different things each year, but nothing works. I'm gonna go see a psych.

    Another weird one and kinda sad, in a really really sad way. One night I had this dream that I was a character somewhere in a monkey island game (I was working heavily on a script for a fan game for it at the time which I dropped shortly after this (too much MI makes moto go crazy)), except, not actually in the game (don't ask how, I don't know), and I was doing nothing. Well, I was probably doing something, but I can't remember it. I woke up literally about fifty times that night. Sweating like hell. I got kind of scitsofrenic(?) the next morning about it.

  • you could always forget pancake tuesday like me every year maybe that will cure you

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    I dreamed last night I got on the boat to Heaven
    And by some chance I had brought my dice along,
    And there I stood, and I hollered,
    "Someone fade me,"
    But the passengers they knew right from wrong
    For the people all said,
    "Sit down, sit down you're rockin' the boat."

    ...I guess I'm the only musical theatre geek here, huh.
    Moving along...

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    Trust me I've tried. Something terrible must have happened to me that day when I was a kid or something.

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    [quote]wow...I feel sort of sad for the fish pickle thing.

    But then could make alot of money in the pickle market with such a creature.[/quote]

    Yeah, poor thing. :(

    I wonder how that kind of marketing ploy would go over with kids though. ;)

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