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I know the secret of monkey island remake is done by Steam but I have no idea what steam is? Is it just the developer or something? And why is it so cheap £6.99 seems very cheap to me was expecting it to me much more

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  • Steam is the digital store and distribution system the game is sold through.

  • Whenever you play a game, it runs through the Steam platform and loads the game for you. It is attached to Steam, and can't be opened otherwise.

    Steam is a software that was invented by the developers who made Half-Life. It was their way to streamline how everyone got the same updates to their games, and to have all your paid games linked to your account. Instead of you having to manually download a patch and be potentially out of sync with other people's game versions, everyone would automatically have it downloaded when they ran the game. Another benefit is that you could always re-download the games whenever you wanted to, and you don't need a CD anymore. Oh, and you could buy the games through Steam, which could either mean lower prices, or at least the developers themselves get more of the money instead of the distributors.

    One of the biggest disadvantages when it first came out was that it was really resource-heavy and buggy and the servers weren't mature enough, so that it made everything cumbersome. Downloads could stop halfway, or the servers would be overwhelmed and you'd get a message saying "Steam servers are busy, try again later." (Jesus, that would piss people off.) Or your game would just seem to take a long time to load up.

    Most of those problems are a thing of the past though. Steam is updated constantly and made more feature-rich and unintrusive, and the games that you buy are updated automatically in the background. I personally really like Steam now. Funny to think how almost EVERYONE hated it when it first came out.

  • So i have to play the game through steam instead of download to my PC? do i have to be online for steam or to play the game?

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