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The private forums

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Well, the private forum still exists but I can't post anything there. After all, I haven't paid for a closed forum. And I know you guys are busy with the second episode but as I mentioned before: I have paid for a working forum not a closed one. So please, open it again.

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  • Unless the team are available to answer questions again, it kinda defeat the purpose to open up the private forum. Besides, this forum have more traffic than the private forum even before it was locked.

  • The Private forum seems like a place for TT to post interesting things about MI like interviews and stuff, not a place for random discussions. And I don't think anyone has really paid for the forum, it's kind of an appreciation from TT for preordering. I guess they will post some new stuff for us when episode 2 approaches.

  • I'd also like to point out that when the forum was open, only people at TTG could post threads. Members could only post replies to those threads. If the TTG team aren't posting new content there, then there is no reason for it to really be open.

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