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  • I played on lowest graphics and the face was pretty visible. But (sick, sick, sick me) I just wanted to torment de Signe for a while and I figured out the other way torturing him : )

  • yeah, this puzzle had me in stitches :D, i also ended up thinking i could use the lid from the tar barrel from the screaming narwhal, but then i went back to mess around with the turnstile thing again, and realised the "pleasure sound" was there.

    hilarious xD

  • When I realized how it had to be solved, I started seriously asking to myself _what's inside those idols_ :confused:

  • That was a hilarious puzzle although I didn't get it immediately. Screw all this politically correctness and have some edge from time to time.

  • @capnpadfoot said: Haha I LOVED de Singe. I mean, he's supposed to be sado-masochistic, that's why he's named after the Marquis de Sade.
    Everything about de Singe was hilarious and slightly inappropriate. How about the masochistic monkey that loved being electrocuted? ;)

    I don't think guybrush realised he enjoyed it

  • I don't think Telltale will ever reach to the point of weirdness that was Dark Seed. I really find Telltales games pretty tame compared to plenty of other adventure games out there. So this puzzle didn't me.

  • Incidentally, I also liked how these last few puzzles fit in: you (the player) were given (seemingly) free control over the order in which you solved the remaining puzzles, with the Marquis de Singe showing up wherever you went next, yet everything was set up so that you necessarily ended up with the Marquis de Singe at the last spindle without an axis where you could finally defeat him.

    Of course the plot requires that you solve that puzzle last, but it didn't feel forced at all, and this illusion of player freedom makes for a great player experience! (I think I've mentioned the golden statue of Elaine getting stolen in the Curse of Monkey Island as another brilliant example of game designers getting this right.)

  • Even solving that puzzle with the weather vane, I thought it was kind of disturbing. I'm glad I was playing with headphones.

  • @Shwoo said: Even solving that puzzle with the weather vane, I thought it was kind of disturbing.

    It makes no difference - you still get the "confirming" sounds :)

  • heh, the first time I spun the dials and got a moan, I went 'GAH!' and switched the speaker off! But since it was a guy called the Marquis de Singe, I can't say I was surprised. Didn't take me long to work it out with the weathervane, though.

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