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Alt-tab and sound

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I prefer playing video games in windowed mode so I can keep chatting/emailing/whatever i'm doing. With Monkey Island i notice the game pauses occasionaly when switching and the sound is stopped. When going back the sound is still off and I miss the rest of the conversation. Sound starts again when another character starts talking.

Props for the game btw, it's awesome :D


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  • It is a common problem not with just Tell-Tale games, but with any games actually. The user can choose to switch processes as and when they like, but a sound-file is usually loaded for each piece of conversation, sound or music and would usually play in it's entirety. When you force a process to pause, there will be a delay no matter what, and the sound will usually resume close to when the process is paused. Skips of this nature are just unavoidable.

  • Maybe if you actually pause the game before you alt-tab, does that help?
    Or failing that maybe just play it in windowed mode.

  • ToMI does have very powerful pause function, that let you pause even in between cutscenes. I wish all games could have as good a pause function as ToMI.

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