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FINALLY Monkey 5! My thoughts.

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I have been a hardcore Monkey Island fan since I was a child. In fact my earliest gaming memories are of the first two games on the Amiga (and all those bloomin disks!). When Curse came out I fell in love with it. And it remains my favourite game of all time although the first 2 come pretty close. I was a little disappointed with Escape being 3D (Which actually seemed to make the graphics inferior to Curse at that point) but I still loved it. And I had given up all hope for Monkey 5 when I came online and randomly read a news story about it. And am ecstatic to be playing it. The 3D is much nicer than Escape and its got the feel of the first 3 back in many ways.
A couple of things:
1. I got to the island and the first 3 characters I met all seemed to be the same basic 3D figure with slight alterations (The news guy, the boat captain and the guy with the dolls). Which is a little disappointing as the voice work is exceptional.
2. I'm SO HAPPY that Elaine has her Curse voice back again. I've never understood them randomly making her American in Escape!
3. Its a shame Earl Boen isn't back as LeChuck, does anyone know why?

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