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Would you like Lucasarts to update the graphics for Monkey Island 2 SE?

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I'd like to see the people's opinion. :D
Oh, and flamethrowers are disabled...

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  • @AndyBundy said: You should also give it a try to listen music in MI2 with MIDI and compare with the Soundblaster or even PC-Sound in DOSBOX (there's the original sound, not in ScummVM), then you'll hear many differences like in the Bloody Lip.

    Actually, the PC-Speaker and IBM PCjr/Tandy 3-Voice is in ScummVM. You just have to select it in the audio dropdown menu. The only thing is MI2 doesn't have PC-Speaker or IBM PCjr sound. Only Adlib/Sound Blaster and MT-32. So you're wrong on both counts.

  • @LGH said: I really like the look of the SE. The backgrounds look really sharp and nice, and yet I think they are very close to the originals. OK, the animations are not what you'd expect of a new game, but that was OK to me...

    And I LOVE the new music with the live band! And the voice acting with Dominic & Co!

    So definitely, bring up more SEs!

    All of the animation looks the way it does because the game is running on top of the original SCUMM engine. All of the animations and character cues come from the animations of the original game, they couldn't add any inbetween work without significant changes made to the engine, and then you wouldn't be playing the game right now.

    Remember that they did this in 8 months with a small crew as a proof of concept.

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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    I think that the "careful updating of a classic" went rather wrong with MI:SE.

    Programming the whole game "on top" of the original forced the makers to stick with outlines of the original graphics. These were loveable, granted, but still rather naive, with a lot of bad and wrong perspective choices and some really hideous layouts.

    If they were to do the same thing with LeChuck's revenge, things would be a bit different. The backgrounds were mostly hand-drawn, perspective was nice, layouts on the mark. MI 2 would definitly be a better subject to be updated in that way. However, I'd find the thought far more attractive if LEC was to redo the whole thing with state-of-the art technology, completely new art and, heck, what about some new riddles to expand the experience?

    At the time, LEC seems to take very, very careful steps towards something right. But in fact, if they don't put the pedal to the metal very soon, they just won't be able to compete on the market, and their old fame will soon be forgotten.

  • Vainamoinen, are you talking about a TMI kind of remake? Because that could work pretty well.

  • I think they should "restore" The visuals... as in make it crisp and hi-res... add small things like better water animation and movement in the background, and sky... and add better sound, voice and music...

  • There's plenty of things they can do to it while remaining faithful to the original style. I felt that SMI:SE did that well enough (it's not perfect, but then what is). I liked the look of Guybrush, made me feel that he was a naïve young pirate wannabe.

  • @Spadge said: Only if they hire someone with actuall skill like Steve Purcell or Bill Tiller. I'd hate to see another loved game rushed by some strangers in Singapore just because LucasArts are too lazy and cheap to hire some real talant.

    I must disagree with this. If you look at Dela Longfish's other art it is very good stuff.

    The main problem was that people judged it on Curse of Monkey Island. But the art itself is actually very good. It's a different style!

  • Exactly there are a lot of people that seem to just want a Curse of Monkey Island clone, with these special editions... I think that would be a shame I like that each game gave us a new different style and I think they should remain true to that..

    MI1 SE actually did stay fairly true to the original style of the game... they took some liberties with the character design but its ok.... I think that the Guybrush in the much beloved Curse of monkey Island is actually pretty darn ugly too.

    And BTW Purcell pretty much did design all the ingame visuals of the original MI2 so if they just cleaned it up it would be as if Purcel's art was there right in front of you in hi-rez

  • @Scapetti said: I must disagree with this. If you look at Dela Longfish's other art it is very good stuff.

    The main problem was that people judged it on Curse of Monkey Island. But the art itself is actually very good. It's a different style!

    Sorry, but the backgrounds are rushed. We are talking HD here. One can really do alot on a large canvas. However, instead of making clean detailed images, we get some blurry fat brushstrokes, rough cutouts and random gradients. It's a mess and I don't think it works at all.

  • ^ Though I don't think that people who are not familiar with Painting in Photoshop really notice. Not that that's an excuse, no...

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